Essential Vitamins and Minerals


Vitamins and Minerals are an essential part of an healthy diet for any age, yet we still do a very poor job of getting the nutrients we need for proper system function. A healthy body is comprised of various different systems working together and if one suffers it has a ripple effect. To keep systems healthy its recommended that we get certain minerals like Iron, Calcium, Zinc & Copper which are found in our blood, bones, tissues and they are a necessary component of metabolism.

Vitamins can be broken down by air, heat or, acid's so its harder to get these into the body but they are found in food in wide variety of foods and organic health products like Wild Crafted Sea Moss. Vitamins play a huge part in the absorption of Minerals; Vitamin D helps with absorbing Calcium and Vitamin C helps you absorb iron. 

For healthy vision, hair, heart function and immune system its essential that you get  proper essential nutrients. We all could do better, so lets take a step together to better health, wealth and happiness!