Intro Into Sea Moss


 Sea Moss is a good source of vitamins and organified minerals. Organified basically means that they occur naturally in a plant based form that is easily able to be assimilated into the body. There is no scientific manufacturing required.

Sea Moss is commonly used as a thickener and emulsifier known as Carrageenan. This substance is extracted  and used to thicken products like milk, yogurt, baby formula, condensed milk, coconut milk, toothpaste and shampoo.

However, once extracted it no longer maintains its health benefits


Sea Moss is known to be an immune booster, with 92 of 102 essential vitamins and minerals the human body needs to function and like chia seeds and okra is a mucilaginous food that helps with the digestive and respiratory functions of the human body.

The healthful properties of Irish moss include Vitamins A, E, F and K, calcium, potassium and sulfur. It also includes:

✓ Magnesium
✓ Vitamin K
✓ Calcium
✓ Copper
✓ Riboflavin
✓ Folate
✓ Iron
✓ Phosphorus
✓ Zinc
✓ Iodine
✓ Sulfur
✓ and Manganese.

Did you have your Scoop of Sea Moss Today?