Here at Boss of Sea Moss we value YOU. It all started with traveling and seeing what the world has to offer. A few of us young entrepreneurs from Seattle, WA had been taking Sea Moss for quite some time before wanting to spread the good minerals locally and across the US. We imagined all the people we wanted to educate on Sea Moss just based off the passion we grew inside from how great our minds, body and soul felt. From social media responses “what is that “to just wanting our whole families to try it and let us know how great they started to feel. It has impacted many lives and it is excited to see how much we have grown in just a few months to exactly where we plan to take our business. As our support and love continues to pour in abundance we will continue to innovate and take Sea Moss to every level possible. We want to offer you healthy additions to complete any health journey you see yourself on. With Sea Moss you will See More!


Our Mission:

To bring Health and Inspiration to your daily regime.

We Love YOU!



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