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Smade Lemonade

Learn More About Smade Lemonade

Smade lemonade is both refreshing and revitalizing.

Smade is the absolute perfect drink to add to a smoothie or after an active work out. 

We did our best to combine nutrition and flavor  in the way you have come to expect from BOSM.

 We always listen to our customers and release new flavors including our newest passion fruit Smade.

 Smade Lemonade is hand crafted in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Hand-squeezed lemons, organic agave sweetener and wild crafted Sea Moss make a special combination of health and flavor.

The Idea of Smade, is it's a healthy alternative to sugary energy drinks that has all the health benefits of Irish Sea Moss.

Our unique recipes include fresh spring  water thats sourced locally and organic fresh sourced lemons to give it the undeniable taste of a lemonade that would be popular on the value of its taste.

But we also understand how hard it is to get our daily vitamins and minerals and we wanted a way to help with both!

So quench your thirst and work your way to living a healthier lifestyle at the same time.